Applied Dynamics in Engineering Michael Spektor

28th March 2016
Industrial Press Inc.,U.S.
712 pages: 226 x 152 x 38mm

This book is primarily a guide for professionals and can be used by students of Dynamics. It features 96 real-life problems in dynamics that are common in all engineering fields; including industrial, mechanical and electrical. And it uses a special table guide that allows the reader to find the solution to each specific problem. The descriptions of the solutions of problems are presented in the chapters 3 to 18.

1- Principles of Applied Dynamics; 2-Common Engineering Problems in Dynamics; 3- Force of Inertia; 4- Inertia & Friction; 5- Inertia & Constant Resistance; 6- Inertia, Constant Resistance & Friction; 7- Inertia & Stiffness; 8- Inertia, Stiffness & Friction; 9- Inertia, Stiffness & Constant Resistance; 10- Inertia, Stiffness, Resistance & Friction; 11- Inertia & Damping; 12- Inertia, Damping & Friction; 13- Inertia, Damping & Constant Resistance; 14- Inertia, Damping, Resistance & Friction; 15- Inertia, Damping & Stiffness; 16-Inertia, Damping, Stiffness & Friction; 17- Inertia, Damping, Stiffness & Constant Resistance; 18- Inertia, Damping, Stiffness, Resistance & Friction; 19- Two Dimensional Motion.

Michael B. Spektor is the former Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology at Oregon Institute of Technology. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kiev Polytechnic University and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Kiev Construction University. He has worked in both industry and higher education in the United States, Israel, and the former Soviet Union. Specktor holds five U.S. Patents and two U.S.S.R Inventor's Certificates."

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