Advanced Tactical Fighter to F-22 Raptor Origins of the 21st Century Air Dominance Fighter David C. Aronstein, Michael J. Hirschberg, Albert C. Piccirillo

31st August 1998
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
289 pages: 230 x 164 x 17mm
Library of Flight

The authors have been intimately involved in the acquisition and development of the advanced tactical fighter (ATF) programme from its inception through today. This book traces the history of the ATF programme and the evolution of the ATF requirements from the beginning of the programme through the start of the engineering and manufacturing development.

Part 1 Background - The Advanced Tactical Fighter Prior to Milestone Zero: Overview; Air-to-Surface Advanced Tactical Fighter; Introduction of Air Superiority as a Potential Advanced Tactical Fighter Mission; Preparation for Milestone Zero; Request for Information. Part 2 Phase 0 - Concept Definition: Overview; Request for Information Results; Shifting Emphasis - Air Superiority Becomes Primary Advanced Tactical Fighter Mission; Advanced Tactical Fighter Concept Development Investigation; Transition to Demonstration and Validation; Shift to Prototyping. Part 3 Phase 1 - Demonstration and Validation: Overview; System Specification Development; Avionics Ground Prototypes and Flying Laboratories; Prototype Air Vehicles Development and Flight-Test; Additional Programme Events During Demonstration and Validation; Transition to Engineering and Manufacturing Development; Demonstration and Validation. Part 4 Related Technology and Subsystem Developments: Introduction; Avionics; Weapons Technology; Structures and Materials; Low Observables; Supporting Engine Technology Programmes; Flight Demonstrator Programmes Related to Advanced Tactical Fighter; Summary. Part 5 Engine Development: Initial Engine Studies; Ground Demonstration Engines; Flight Demonstrator Engines; Engineering and Manufacturing Development; Engine Engineering and Manufacturing Development and Beyond; Observations on Engine Development. Part 6 Navy Participation and the Naval Advanced Tactical Fighter. Part 7 Conclusion: Requirements Evolution; External Pressures; Final Observations.

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