Starting Something Big Commercial Emergence of GE Aircraft Engines Robert V. Garvin

31st January 1999
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
215 pages: 230 x 164 x 19mm
Library of Flight

Written by Robert Garvin who has more than 42 years of management experience at the General Electric Company, this text looks at the history of General Electric in the field of commercial aircraft engines.

How GE Got into the Jet Engine Business; Business Jets; The Years of the Cold War; Back in the Commercial Engine Business; Airbus and the Birth of Revenue-Sharing Strategy; Engines for the Boeing 747; The Big Twins Reshape Competition; Military Market Share; Competition as a Factor in the Military Market; License Agreements and Offset Programmes; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; The Gap in Everyone's Commerical Line; But Will it Sell?; The Japan Factor; Advanced Technology Programmes; Developing the Chinese Market; Developing the Russian Market; Product Planning and Partnership; Mixing Oil and Water; The New German Engine; Service as a Separate Business; The Death of Douglas; The Cyclical Airline Industry; Lessons for the Investor; Are There any Losses for the Russians?; The Bottom Line.

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