Using SAP: A Guide to Beginners and End Users Olaf Schulz

30 Nov 2011
SAP Press
388 pages: 229 x 171 x 25mm

Learn to easily navigate the SAP system Work with SAP modules step-by-step Includes many examples and detailed SAP illustrations Learn how to use SAP! Do you need to understand how to use SAP software in your day-to-day work? In this book, you ll find easy-to-follow, hands-on information that helps you become familiar with SAP. You ll learn how to navigate the system and get instruction on the SAP system enriched with many examples and exercises. Whether you use this as an exercise book or as a reference tool, you ll find what you need to become more comfortable and work effectively with SAP. Highlights Logging on and off the system Navigating the system Drawing on system layout and user data Reporting Printing Automating tasks Messaging and the business workplace Handling roles and authorizations Using help functions Working with the SAP modules

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