New Concepts and Discoveries Geological Society of Nevada 2015 Symposium William M. Pennell, Larry J. Garside

28th September 2015
DEStech Publications, Inc
1388 pages:

Produced under the auspices of the Geological Society of Nevada and published every five years, this two-volume book of peer-reviewed papers focuses on the geological analysis of ore-rich deposits in the western United States, especially ones containing gold and other high-value elements. Hundreds of stratigraphic, lithographic, remote-sensing and core sample examples are presented, particularly of areas likely to host Carlin-type gold deposits. The two volumes contain a wealth of data on specifically named mines, as well as technical information on high-potential areas for exploration. The book is profusely illustrated with full-color maps, photographs and charts for geology and mining engineering. A searchable CD accompanies the book and includes the full text of papers from the printed book, as well as abstracts and information from poster sessions not found in the printed book. Chapters in the text are fully refereed versions of presentations originally delivered at a symposium supported by the Geological Society of Nevada, along with the United States Geological Survey, Society of Economic Geologists and the Nevada Bureau of Mines.

Chapters include: The Haywood Securities Session on Great Basin Geology and Metallogeny; Exploration Technology; Back from the Bush: Exploration Update; Intrusion-Related Deposits; Northeastern Nevada: The New Frontier; Advances in Carlin-type Deposits; Metallogeny of the Humboldt Range; Epithermal Deposits.

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