Hollywood Studio Production Techniques Winnie Wong

Mixed media product
23rd May 2013
Mercury Learning & Information
300 pages: 229 x 178 x 30mm

This book provides the in-depth information, exercises, and worksheets that will provide readers with the tools to become successful, enlightened filmmakers. Most novices are unaware of the 'business' aspects of the film world or that producing Hollywood films will involve contracts, budget constraints, personnel, scheduling, legal issues, insurance, and safety regulations. Many first time filmmakers spend all their time on their 'creative endeavors' and often forget to establish production management strategies or consider business ethics as integral parts of the process. In many cases the result is litigation or insurance problems that can lead to financial hardship and/or the inability to distribute the film. The book includes a companion CD-ROM containing the forms and documents covered in the text. Solutions to exercises and PowerPoint slides are available to instructors.

1: Evolution of Studio Work Methods; 2: Film Crew; 3: Deal Memos/Contract; 4: Unions and Guild Associations; 5: SAG Contracts; 6: Locations; 7: Locations; 8: Equipment/Prop Rentals; 9: Production Scheduling; 10: The Budget; 11: Dealing with Accounting Issues; 12: Production Attorneys; 13: Production Insurance; 14: Safety; 15: Production Checklists.

Wong, an entertainment insurance broker, outlines the business aspects of filmmaking for independent filmmakers and students. She explains the studio system, the roles of the production crew, establishing a deal memo, unions and guild associations, casting and actor contracts, tax incentives in various states, locations, equipment and props, production scheduling, budgets, accounting, using an entertainment attorney, insurance, and risk management. The DVD-ROM contains forms and documents. There is no bibliography.

Winnie Wong has been an entertainment insurance broker for over 20 years handling independent features, television, reality, documentary, and commercial films. She has long-standing relationships with a number of prestigious accounts such as MGM Studios and Universal Studios. She has taught courses in the UCLA Extension - Entertainment Studies Dept and has participated on panels for American Film Market and Slamdance.

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