Digital Video for Family Historians Joanna Silber

Mixed media product
28th January 2013
Mercury Learning & Information
400 pages: 229 x 178 xmm

Millions of people have been collecting media of their family, but how many know what to do with it? Sometimes this media is in the form of outdated 16 mm film handed down in dusty boxes or frequently it's simply smart phone footage shot at a child's soccer game. Either way - the habit of collecting media but not producing it into an archival piece is all too common. This book will teach the user how to create a family history video, from start to finish, whether from mixed media formats over several generations or footage using the latest devices. Every aspect of the project will be covered in simple steps - from understanding and mixing formats, combining video and stills, storytelling techniques, audio, editing, and archiving. A companion DVD accompanies the book with projects and all the figures from the text.

1.Intro to Family History Video.; 2. Considering Your Project.; 3. Purchasing Gear.; 4. Still Photos.; 5. Transferring Audio and Video Formats.; 6. Production.; 7. Obtaining Other Media.; 8. Storyboarding / Storytelling Techniques.; 9. Mixed Formats In NLE Software.; 10. Basic Editing Techniques.; 11. Advanced Editing Techniques.; 12. Output and Delivery.; 13. Archiving.

Joanna Silber is an award-winning film editor and producer. She is an Apple Certified User and has taught several film editing courses at both UC Berkeley and the Bay Area Video Coalition. In 2010 she published Wedding Videography: Start to Finish with Cengage Learning.

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