Creating Music for Games and Film Glen Rhodes

28th March 2016
Mercury Learning & Information
500 pages:

Creating Music for Games and Film covers the technical and the artistic side of creating compelling, exciting, and realistic music for video games and film. Featuring orchestral music, the book is a genuine, hands-on look at the practical steps to turning your composing instinct into a finished, useable, and marketable product. The book includes a companion disc containing all example music in rendered MP3 format and source files. Today's virtual instruments sound so fantastic that it is finally possible for composers to fulfill their dreams of writing music and hearing it authentically rendered and realized. There are, however, many secrets behind using the software to maximize the quality and realism of the finished music. These tricks can be the difference between writing something that sounds 'kind of' real, and landing a big game or movie score deal. It includes practical chapters that cover the most popular game genres - and the techniques to create music in each genre. It covers the technical and the artistic side of creating compelling, exciting and realistic music for video games.It includes disc with music examples rendered as easy-to-access MP3 files to go with each section of the book. It offers an overview and understanding of the main sounds of an orchestra, and how to write for each instrument.

Chapter 1. Overview; Chapter 2. Getting started; Chapter 3. Strings - The cinematic foundation; Chapter 4. Brass - The cinematic heroes; Chapter 5. Woodwinds - The cinematic color; Chapter 6. Percussion - Driving it home; Chapter 7. The piano and the harp; Chapter 8. Dark and tense; Chapter 9. Heroic and epic; Chapter 10. Action and adventure; Chapter 11. Light and reflective - The docudrama; Chapter 12. Light and playful; Chapter 13. Emotional and romantic; Chapter 14. Sad and somber; Chapter 15. Exporting your music and creating multi-use stems; Chapter 16. Sound Design; Chapter 17. Connecting in the industry.; Appendices.

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