Chatter Occurrence at Different Natural Frequencies of Milling Machine Axes Mohab Hossam

1st March 2011
Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
124 pages:
ISF Publications

Should machine tool manufacturers construct their machines with designs having different resonant modes at different axes that could be excited simultaneously or not? The answer depends on the effect of such designs on chatter occurrence. This book derives an experimental approach to simulate the studied case experimentally in order to study chatter occurrence. This is to be achieved by designing a testing device having varying dynamic characteristics in different axes, and then attaching this device to a machine tool in order to study the chatter occurrence by experimentally simulating the case that different resonant modes at different axes are excited simultaneously. By changing the dynamic characteristics of the attached testing device in different axes, milling experiments can be conducted, and consequently stability charts are derived in order to answer the previously mentioned question.

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