Electronic System-Level HW/SW Co-Design of Heterogeneous Multi-Processor Embedded Systems Luigi Pomante

31st March 2016
River Publishers
180 pages:
River Publishers Series in Circuits and Systems

The work described in this book, composed of two parts, aims at providing models, methodologies and tools to support each step of the co-design flow of embedded systems implemented by exploiting heterogeneous multi-processor architectures mapped on distributed systems, as well as fully integrated onto a single chip. The first part focuses on issues like the analysis of system specification languages, and the analysis of existing system-level HW/SW co-simulation methodologies to support heterogeneous multi-processor architectures. The second part focuses mainly on Design Space Exploration, and it presents both some theoretical advancements with respect to the first part, and the development of a prototypal framework that provides practical exploitation of the proposed concepts.

Preface; 1. Analog Communication; 2. Digital Communication; 3. Pulse and Data Communication; 4. Source coding and Channel coding Techniques; 5. Multiuser Radio Communication; Bibliography; Keyword Index.

R. Kalidoss and K. S. Vishvaksenan, SSN College of Engineering, lndia, and M. A. Bhagyaveni, Anna University, India.

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